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Other Information

Other Information

Other Use Instructions

Entrance card

(1) Carrying access cards at all times
  • Rent or transfer is prohibited to others (including roommates) and must be carried when entering and leaving the dormitory.
(2) Managing access cards thoroughly
  • Do not place on strong magnetic meters or high temperatures
  • Do not bend(It damages sensor in card)
  • Special attention is required to other access card damages
(3) Reissue
  • If a student ID card that has the access to the entrance is lost, the student ID card will be re-issued(student team) and access re-authorized(dormitory)
(4) Temporary access card
  • Temporary Access cards can be issued and used if parents accompany them only on the day they move in the dormitory.
  • If a student lose his/her access card (student card), he/she can issue a temporary access card to use it.
    ※ 10,000 won will be charged for the loss of the temporary access card. 10 penalty points will be charged for each loss.

Mail (registered/general) Use Guide

  • ① Location : Next to the 1st floor information desk
  • ② Use guide
    - General mail : To be received by yourself in the mailbox
    - Registered mail : To be Received directly after confirming the identity with ID card at the first floor information desk

Parcel use

  • ① Location : Next to the 1st floor information desk
  • ② Use guide
    - The principle is to use mailboxes for parcels, and those that cannot be stored in the mailboxes should be received at the information desk.
    - FREE charge for the use of parcel mailboxes, but must be received within one week.
    - Dormitory is not responsible for delivery, storage, receipt, loss, etc.

Coin Laundry Use Guide

  • ① Location : 3rd floor(Men), 7th floor(Women)
  • ② Hours : 05:00 ~ 23:00
  • ③ Use guide
    - How to Use : Charge the card to the first floor’s card machine
    - Fee : (Laundry) 500won/1 time, (Dry) : 500 won/1time
    - Use in description : Refer to the manual for washing machines attached to the laundry room

Fitness Center

  • ① Location : In front of elevator on 1st floor
  • ② Hours : 05:00 ~ 23:00
  • ③ Use Guide : Carefully use information for safety accidents and damage to the equipment, and comply with the service hours.


  • ① Location : Next to the entrance of the sky garden on the 3rd floor
  • ② Hours : 05:00 ~ 23:00
  • ③ Use guide : Do not eat food and clean up after use to maintain a healthy environment


  • ① Location : Next to the main entrance on the 1st floor
  • ② Hours : 05:00 ~ 24:00
  • ③ Use guide : No cooking, no delivery food, etc. (Use Dining Center)
    ※ If food other than beverages are detected, 10 penalty points are imposed.

Dining facility area

  • ① Location : Next to the classroom on the 1st floor
  • ② Hours : 05:00 ~ 23:00
  • ③ Use guide : Shared kitchen(communal fridge, water dispenser, microwave, induction cooktop)

OTC, over-the-counter drug[medication]

  • ① Location : 1st floor information desk
  • ② Use guide : Register recipient of the drug in the ledger and use it as much as necessary.